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No more FEE!

You may have noticed that we are no longer charging a yearly fee for MomShare! We noticed that we were just waiving everyone's fee, so we just got rid of the fee all together. Due to this, we will be relying on donations and sales from our Shop to continue to run MomShare.


Bloggers and Video Makers

We are currently looking for a couple people to help run our blog. You can write about anything that will help moms or well really anything interesting :) We are also looking for people to make videos for out Youtube account. We are looking for How-to Videos that would help our families :)


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For Moms Who Have; For Moms Who Need…


A Pay It Forward Community


MomShare is the brainchild of a group of compassionate, generous and community-minded moms who believe in helping other moms and their children.  MomShare is in the process of applying for non-profit status.  Our primary goal is to support one another by recycling children's items and practicing Pay It Forward principles.  We seek to facilitate our members helping one another, without seeking anything in return.

Members of MomShare are encouraged to get to know the people they are helping, and to share their stories. Each member came to be in need in a very unique way and the needs they have are also unique; whether for bottles, clothes, strollers or simply books on pregnancy.

The driving force behind MomShare is the idea of reaching out and helping a wide range of people in very simple ways. We want to provide a place where members feel safe giving, and we promote a mindset that allows our members to know that their items are being put to use and not being re-sold for profit. We welcome everyone and encourage you to apply.

Why not pay it forward and help another mom out? You don’t need to buy or exchange any money, just pass on what your child has outgrown to a child who can use it! Help out another mother and baby. Help planet earth by recycling.  Make a profit with your heart.



Thank you

We just want to say thank you to all the awesome people who have mailed us to donate items or who have answered the call on various websites when we are asking for help for one of our members. You are awesome!



Thank you to Brian at Maxen Media LLC!!

To help save MomShare from extra costs, they have gerneriously offered to host our website for us! That saves us over $100 a year!

Want to know more about them? Visit the link below.



Want to make a monetary donation?

Do not want to be a member but have items to donate?

Please contact us. We have administrators in many states. It may be possible to arrange a pick up of the items or work with you to get them shipped to us.

Thank you!



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